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Introduction to Glaucoma and the Retina Nerve Fiber Layer (RNFL) – Dr. Oli

Introduction to Glaucoma We have spoken about the importance of the way the front of the optic nerve looks like …... more >
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New Technology Impacts Cataract Surgery – Dr. Oli

It’s easy for us to take the technology we use for granted.  However, as I look back at the advances …... more >

What exactly is an ASC, anyway? – Dr. Kristine

 ASC – What do these letters stand for?  Is that some cheapie way to have surgery?  Is it more expensive …... more >

Spherical Refractive Outcomes in Our Cataract Surgeries – Dr. Oli

Introduction Cataract surgery has evolved to a point where refractive outcomes are now a major part of the results of …... more >

Retinal Detachments – A 5-year review -Dr. Kristine

Now that I have been in Central Oregon for five years I thought it would be an appropriate time to …... more >