After Surgery
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Please reference the information below to help you reduce the risk of an infection after your surgical procedure:

1) Wash your hands thoroughly before instilling your drops, or touching your own skin / medications.

2) Store drops at the recommended temperature with the lids tightly capped in between use.

3) Use caution when instilling your eye drops – do not allow tip of bottle to touch lids, eyelashes, or fingers.

4) Maintain good personal hygiene before and after your procedure.

5) Do not work in the garden, or expose yourself to vegetative debris / molds until your incisions are healed. Be cautious to guard your eyes from harm.

6) Report any unusual prolonged pain or loss of vision to your doctor immediately. Call 541-548-7170 to contact the doctors after hours.

We recommend that you have your eyes examined by your optometric physician 4-6 weeks after surgery. If you get glasses before waiting this recommended period of time, your eyes may change before you get to enjoy your new glasses, and a second new pair might be necessary.