What to Expect?
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Our walk-in surgery center was designed and developed with your safety and comfort in mind.


Orion Eye offered the first walk-in surgery center in Central Oregon. Before we arrived, cataract surgery was performed in hospital environment.

Surgery Days

On surgery day, we will administer anesthesia that will help you feel comfortable and relaxed during the procedure which requires you to have someone available to drive you home afterward.  The total process from walking in the door to waving good-bye is usually about an hour. 

A follow-up appointment will be scheduled for the day after surgery. If you have traveled quite a distance, the doctor can sometimes perform your surgery in the morning and schedule your follow-up appointment later that same day so you will not have to travel again. In most cases, you‘ll then return to your optometric physician for further care.

Following surgery, we recommend that you have your eyes examined by your optometric physician 4-6 weeks after surgery. If you get glasses before waiting this recommended period of time, your eyes may change before you get to enjoy your new glasses, and a second new pair might be necessary.

Also, at check out, we’ll give you a questionnaire to evaluate your experience with us. For example, a couple of years ago, many patients complained about the visibility of our sign in the front of the building. So, we purchased a new sign with larger and brighter letters. We appreciate your feedback in order to help us serve you better.